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External Master Volume for Ampeg™ V Series Amplifiers $65.00

Here we have the elusive external master volume control for the Ampeg V series (V2, V4, V4B, VT-40, VT-22, SVT etc. and some B series) amplifiers.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s Ampeg offered the unit as an add-on accessory for amps that lacked a master volume control. Plugged into the amplifiers external amp ¼” jack it will allow you to play at lower volumes and still get great preamp tone.

Acting on a request from a local customer to clone his original for a second amp (shown), we made a couple of modifications based on his request. The originals had a very abrupt transition between low volume and very high with a small turn of the control knob. Ours has a very nice sweep having a normal volume increase from low to high like a standard volume control.

We thought why stop there? We added a stomp switch that will allow you to switch between the standard volume on the amp and a preset volume of your choice on the pedal. This will allow you to set the pedal volume lower for rhythm parts and punch-in a boost for leads, choruses etc… It has a similar effect as a channel switcher.

In addition the original that came into the shop had a badly frayed built-in cable with ¼” male phone plug attached. His request was to build one without a built-in cable/plug and to have a ¼” input jack to allow use of a standard ¼” instrument cable. This ‘kills two birds with one stone’. You can use a cable as long or as short as you want and there is no need to replace the entire unit should the cable become damaged. Using the unit like a channel switcher you can use a longer cable to have the unit set next to you on stage.

We’re now happy to make this available to musicians that want to preserve their vintage amps original look and avoid making irreversible modifications that lower the value of their investments.

Painted in a heavy duty "Harley Black" wrinkle finished powder coat. Instrument cable not included.


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